The Southern Oregon Coast

Although the Southern Oregon Coast often doesn't get as much attention as the Northern and Central sections, it is just as spectacular in many ways. Some think more so.

That is because of the lack of easy access from the major metropolitan areas and expanses of rugged coastline.

The area has more of a small town, out-of-the-way feel to it. That's appealing to a lot of people and sometimes a nice change from the more populated places.

Boasting breathtaking scenery, world-class golfing, exciting jet boat trips up the Rogue River, and other fun and exciting things to see and do, the Southern Oregon Coast may suit you perfectly.

This particular part of the coast has weather that is milder than the North and Central. The summer months are generally sunny and warm, sitting around the mid-70's. The winters are pretty mild as well, with an occasional storm here and there, just to keep it interesting. 

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North Bend - Discover North Bend
North Bend's history dates back the early 1850's, when the only thing there were a few sawmills and a handful of houses. The Southern Oregon Coast city thrives on lumber, commercial fishing, manufacturing and tourism. It is also the gateway to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

North Bend is the start of one of the most scenic stretches of the Oregon Coast Bike Route and in mid-March it hosts a lively three-day jazz festival. Also, the Coquille Indian Tribe has transformed a former Weyerhaeuser plywood mill into the Mill Resort & Casino, with a restaurant overlooking the waterfront. 

The cities of North Bend, Coos Bay, and Charleston are collectively called"Oregon's Bay Area"

For more information:

Coos Bay/North Bend/Charleston Bay Area
Chamber of Commerce 

50 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, OR. 97420
(800) 824-8486 or (541) 269-0215

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Coos Bay - Discover Coos Bay
Coos Bay is Oregon's largest coastal town and is home to the largest natural harbor between Seattle and San Francisco, CA. This Southern Oregon Coast town is a major manufacturing and shipping center. Until the recent lumber shortages, it was also the largest timber shipping port in the world.

Points of interest in Coos Bay include the Coos Art Museum, Golden & Silver Falls State Natural Area, Sunset Bay State Park and Shore Acres State Park. Surfing, hunting, fishing and hiking are all great things to be taken advantage of in this area.

For more information:

Coos Bay/North Bend/Charleston Bay Area
Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center
50 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, OR. 97420
(800) 824-8486 or (541) 269-0215

Bandon - Discover Bandon
Bandon is a small and cozy coastal town (also affectionately known as "Bandon-by-the-Sea") that is host to the world-class golf resort, Bandon Dunes. With restaurants, gift shops, and art galleries all within walking distance of each other and the bay front right at your nose, Bandon packs a ton of pleasure in a small package. Enjoy a walk-through safari at the West Coast Game Park.

For more information:

Bandon Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 1515, Bandon, OR. 97411
(541) 347-9616

Port Orford - Discover Port Orford, Oregon
Founded in 1851, the community of Port Orford is surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, lush forests, long stretches of quiet beaches and wild rivers. It is home to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Floras Lake provides strong ocean winds that attract the windsurfers while the ocean surfers enjoy the waves of Hubbard Creek and Battle Rock State Park.

Spectacular ocean views, a wide array of restaurants catering to all different tastes, hiking, fishing, gift shops, art galleries, a movie theater and more make Port Orford a "jack-of-all-trades" on the Southern Oregon Coast. For an unhurried and kick-back atmosphere, Port Orford is it.

For more information:

Port Orford & North Curry County Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 637, Port Orford, OR. 97465
(541) 332-8055

Gold Beach
With it's slow pace, Gold Beach is a great place to do nothing. Walk the endless beaches, go tide pooling, dangle a fishing line, or just sit on a bluff watching the waves and looking for clouds that look like a cow, this small community is for those who truly appreciate getting away from it all.

There isn't a mall or theme park to be found. The extent of excitement can be found in kayaking, windsurfing, wilderness mountain hiking or biking, and jet boating. Other than that, Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast is a place fine-tuned for the true romantic who yearns for quiet and solitude. You will love it!

For more information:

Gold Beach Chamber of Commerce
29795 Ellensburg #6, Gold Beach, OR. 97444
(541) 247-0923


Gold Beach Visitor Center
PO Box 375/94080 Shirley Lane, Gold Beach, OR. 97444
(800) 525-2334 or (541) 247-7526

brookings harbor oregon

The last stop before California, on the Southern Oregon Coast, is Brookings-Harbor, also known simply as Brookings. It is actually two cities that lie only 6 short miles north of the California border. Brookings is located in the coastal "banana belt" and it's weather is mild all year long, with highs into the 70s even in February. It can be rainy at times, but that tends to be sorely lacking from June until September.

Brookings-Harbor is a place of rugged, gorgeous beaches and great whale-watching spots. Being so close to California, you can experience amazing walks amongst the northernmost stand of Giant Redwoods in the Continental United States. As of 2005, Brookings had a population of just over 13,500. 

Scenic beauty, mild to warm climate, and some of the best fishing that Oregon has to offer makes Brookings a wonderful place to visit on the Southern Oregon Coast. You may consider becoming a permanent part of the community. Discover more about Brookings Oregon.

For more information:

Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 940, Brookings, OR. 97415
(800) 535-9469 or (541) 469-3181

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